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VERSUS Pharma is the brand under which PI PHARMA M&D SRL (Romania) and RI PHARMA BV (The Netherlands) carry out their distribution and pharmaceutical consultancy activity at European level.

We are deeply committed to the EU values! We enjoy the advantages provided by the EU, such as the free movement of goods, which is the core of our business, but we also adhere to these European values, making them a part of our organizational culture: freedom, openness, integrity.

Health is neither a luxury nor an optional feature in our lives. On the contrary, health should be accessible to all. We aim to reduce health costs for each and every one of us. The VERSUS Pharma mission is to identify and offer, by means of European distribution channels, low-cost pharmaceutical products.

For us, quality isn’t just about observing the EU and international norms and regulations. For VERSUS Pharma, quality means flexible, better and faster services for our partners and better prices for patients.

Our passion for discovering newer and better alternative distribution channels within the European framework drives our thirst for innovation and challenges us, on a daily basis, to keep going further.